teeth whitening

teeth whitening

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Do you brush your teeth twice a day and maintain proper oral health, but still have trouble keeping your pearly whites – well, pearly white? Stained teeth can quickly kill an otherwise beautiful smile and give your mouth an unhealthy and unattractive look.

We understand that even patients with a healthy mouth can struggle with tooth discoloration or stained teeth. At Greenstein Dental, we provide professional and safe at-home and in-office teeth whitening that can bring back your dazzling smile by up to eight shades in a matter of minutes.

We encounter foods and drinks every day that stain or discolor teeth. Dark drinks like coffee, tea, certain sodas and red wine can wreak havoc on your smile along with habits like using tobacco products or eating chocolate – even healthy foods like berries!

Common bleaching gels are either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide and vary in concentration depending upon your particular needs. You can purchase over-the-counter whitening products, but most people report difficulty applying these materials. They also have a much lower percentage of whitening material than solutions you’ll find at our office.

By comparison, the precise application of bleaching solutions combined with an intimate fit of custom trays – both provided by Greenstein Dental – offers predictable and exceptional results in even the most difficult cases. The trick is to ensure that the proper concentration of bleaching gel is contacting teeth correctly for the right amount of time. This way, you can guarantee a desirable result from dental whitening procedures.

in-office whitening treatment

In-office whitening treatments can transform your smile in less than an hour. Simply relax in our dental chair while our talented team member helps you find the perfect shade. In-office whitening uses a higher concentration bleaching agent while carefully monitoring its effect. The treatment is rendered in 15-20 minute increments until you reach the desired shade.

at home whitening treatment

At-home whitening uses the same concept, but the bleaching treatments are spread out through several days or weeks depending on the severity of the discoloration or staining present. You’ll typically use a prescription whitening gel in a mouthpiece once a day for as little as 30 minutes up to 4 hours until you reach your desired shade. The at-home whitening uses a lower percentage whitening solution, but the effects are long-lasting and beautiful.

We recommend consulting our office before dabbling in over-the-counter whitening products. While those products do not have as much whitening material as our solutions, it is possible to overuse or improperly use them. Over-exposure to bleaching agents can damage your gums and cause your enamel to erode. Also, patients with unhealthy mouths – untreated cavities or gum disease – can experience sensitivity from whitening agents.

Before your whitening treatments, our team will make sure you’re a candidate and that your desired goals are achievable.

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