Our Miami dental office offers same day dental crowns and bridges and hopes to help you keep your natural teeth and maintain a healthy biting force for your entire life. Providing durable and long-lasting restorations is one way we can treat your dental problems and repair your smile.

At Greenstein Dental, we use natural-looking, all-ceramic same day dental crowns and bridges to restore your teeth and fill gaps caused by missing teeth.

Crowns (often referred to as “caps”) are fixed restorations permanently cemented over natural teeth or dental implants to restore function and cosmetics. Crowns protect a compromised tooth from further damage or even tooth loss. Our office places crowns on teeth that have had trauma, a root canal, or large cavities and fillings. Sometimes it’s necessary to use crowns on patients who clench or grind their teeth as part of our TMJ solutions.

Most dental offices provide restorative dentistry, but what makes Greenstein Dental so different is our ability to deliver you beautiful, permanent crowns in just one day!

We offer the latest technological advances in the fabrication of crowns using the CEREC CAD/CAM machine. This revolutionary machine allows us to design and craft a crown in about an hour and 30 minutes. We select shades and tints to blend your new crown in with your natural smile.

This technology eliminates
temporary crowns or multiple visits,
gooey Impression or smelly acrylic materials,
extra appointments or lost time from work.

Our patients relax with a good book or watch a movie from an iPad while the technician designs the crown using the computer software. You can even sit and watch the process if you would like.

At Greenstein Dental, we advise you on the best materials for your particular situation so that you walk out smiling with your finished restoration in one visit!


Bridges are a permanent solution to tooth replacement. By using a tooth on either side of the empty space for support, this restoration is bonded into place and fills the gap where either a tooth or multiple teeth were previously lost.

Bridges are ideal solutions for patients who cannot or do not wish to have dental implants. The biggest disadvantage to a bridge is that it requires us to file down your teeth that will support the device – even if those teeth are healthy and free of cavities.

We recommend that patients consider either bridges or dental implants to replace missing teeth. Avoiding replacement of your missing tooth can lead to gum, bone, and bite problems due to the continued movement of adjacent teeth in the area, let alone a worse cosmetic appearance over time.

A quick solution to your missing tooth problem, bridges can last for many, many years if cared for properly.

At Greenstein Dental, we can have you smiling with confidence again in just one visit. If you have missing teeth or are in need of our restorative dental care, call us at 305-251-5558 or fill out our online form.

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