Patient Testimonials

Our Miami dental office aims at giving our patients the best possible dental experience possible. We spend a significant part of your first visit learning your dental goals and then examining your teeth and oral cavity.

Our patients appreciate Dr. Greenstein’s personal attention and perfectionist attitude. Our friendly staff works to make you feel comfortable – just like you would at a family reunion!

Hear from some of our happy patients below If you’re looking for comprehensive dental care, call Dr. Greenstein’s office today at 305-251-5558 or schedule your first visit using our online form.

"I had big issues with headaches, neck pain, jaw pain (TMJ) for along time. Dr. Greenstein started me in mid October 2015 on a TMJ therapy. He started me with a mouth piece (appliance) by adjusting it to my needs. I have to say, at the beginning I had to get use to the appliance in my mouth and it did hurt for a few weeks. But, now February 2016, I feel great. I have to say 95% percent I AM PAIN FREE!" Marcella A.

"One thing I can tell you about Bruce is he is a junkie for education. I know that in my business we have to do continuing education as does he and we have talked about it before. He and I know that when it is time to renew our license, we have 10 times as many hours as we actually need but it’s not just about getting enough to keep your license, he wants to be educated about the newest techniques, what’s working better, what’s producing better results, is there new science I can learn, is there new technology I can learn. He goes and does the classes and he knows. When you ask him a question, there is an answer and he doesn’t rush you through it. It’s not, blah blah blah, that’s the 2.7 minutes I have allotted you, it is “hey, this is your mouth, your body, this is your health and I want you to understand this and I want you to feel comfortable with what I’m doing”. And that is when I came in. I came in and had a cleaning first and we discussed and talked and I thought and you know the cleaning went well, the exam went well and I was like, I know I need to do it, we all know we need to go to the dentist, there are many things we all know we need to do but we don’t want to but this takes a lot of the not wanting to out of it. When I walk in here, I’m happy to see everybody. Whether they are faking it or not, I feel like they are happy to see me and it’s how I feel. It makes you feel good to know you are dealing with people who are like working with friends as opposed to working with strangers. Everybody I know, I say “hey check this guy out, trust me. It’s not like no big sell, just check him out”. I really like this one so I think I’ll stay. " Ronald Von Paulus

"Before I started braces, my teeth were absolutely horrendous and these braces really helped straighten out my teeth. There are brackets on all of your teeth, like little metal things and your teeth just straighten out and it helps a lot. Whenever I’m sitting in the chair they will make it go slow so it won’t hurt. It doesn’t get boring, they will talk and have good conversations about sports or something I’m interested in so they don’t bore me. They are overwhelmingly nice and that is one of the things that makes Greenstein Dental a great place for people to come because they make you want to come more and more so they can fix your teeth and so you can see them again and have conversations with them because you get to know them very well and just coming to see them is one of the best parts about coming here." Ellis G.