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Our expert Miami dental staff will work with you to help you keep your natural teeth forever, but sometimes teeth can fail or even pose a threat to your oral health.

At Greenstein Dental, we provide safe maxillofacial and oral surgery services like tooth extraction and wisdom-tooth extraction in-office. Dr. Greenstein will occasionally use extraction techniques to assist in orthodontic treatment, but he mainly extracts failing teeth or wisdom teeth.

tooth extraction

Teeth often fail for three main reasons: trauma, decay, or gum disease. A tooth can only be restored a number of times before it needs to be removed. While decay plays a large role in tooth loss, gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss. If gum disease is left untreated, it can attack your bone and actually cause the tooth to become loose in its socket.

Our office can provide safe tooth extraction that is minimally invasive. We can also place dental implants to replace your missing teeth and restore your chewing force. Dr. Greenstein uses dental implants to replace individual missing teeth as well as support full or partial dentures. Your natural teeth are your best teeth, but dental implants can get you close to the chewing force you had!

wisdom teeth extraction

Most of us have wisdom teeth that are ready to appear at any moment. While only a small portion of Americans do not have wisdom teeth – it’s based on genetics – most of us will see our wisdom teeth appear between our teens and early 20s.

Wisdom teeth are located in the very back of your mouth and are problematic because they almost always come in diagonally. Wisdom teeth put pressure on your molars, leading to possible crowding, bite problems, and even jaw issues. It’s possible for your wisdom to develop without causing you tenderness or pain. In fact, you probably will not even know you have wisdom teeth until we tell you.

We use panoramic digital X-rays to review the development and growth of your wisdom teeth in order to determine when the teeth need to be removed. Dr. Greenstein removes wisdom teeth under local anesthesia, so you won’t feel a thing. Wisdom tooth removal often requires small incisions and stitches to repair the gum tissue.

Tooth removal is one of the more invasive treatments in dentistry, but you can recover in no time by following Dr. Greenstein’s home-care instructions. After an oral surgery, we’ll call to make sure your recovery is on point.

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