Relieving Dental Anxiety

relaxing during your dental treatment

Dental fear is one of our biggest hurdles in dentistry. It can cause patients to avoid the dentist for years, which unfortunately causes their oral health to greatly deteriorate.

Our Pinecrest dental staff understands that going to the dentist is not the first thing on anyone’s list, but we refuse to believe the experience has to be nerve-racking or downright terrifying.

Millions of Americans suffer from dental anxiety. About 20 percent of Americans suffer dental fear, and 5 percent of that population avoid the dentist at all costs. Avoiding the dentist can create substantial and costly issues down the road. Some of our patients have dental anxiety due to a past bad experience, fear of dental pain, or even fear of being lectured.

For starters, you will not find a friendlier, more gentle, or more caring staff in the Miami area. We never lecture our patients or make them feel guilty about the condition of their oral health. We sympathize with our patients and want to find solutions that will fix their dental problems. Dr. Greenstein and his staff render safe and gentle care.

relax in the dental chair

At Greenstein Dental, our mission has always been to make the dental chair a place you can relax and get comfortable — not a place to be scared of! We’ve built our office around comfort and patient care, and we have a variety of amenities to offer you.

  • We’re glad to offer you a pair of headphones to help take your mind off your appointment. We also have music in the office!
  • Our WiFi is free to access, so don’t hesitate to bring your mobile device to stream some relaxing music!
  • If you’re cold or uncomfortable, we can offer you a blanket or a pillow to make your experience that much more relaxing.
  • Feel free to ask for a glass of water or a cup of coffee — we want to you be as comfortable as possible!

Our amazing staff and great facilities are sure to help relieve your dental anxieties. Many of our patients have found that we’re the first place they’ve gone where dentistry wasn’t a terrifying experience!

One of our favorite parts about working in dentistry is our ability to give patients the smile they have always wanted. When you avoid the dentist, you risk losing your smile. If you have dental anxiety or fear of dentist, call us at 305-290-2293 or schedule an appointment using our contact us form.

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