payment options

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we offer several ways to help you pay for your dental needs.

Our Pinecrest dental practice is here to provide you elite dentistry that fits your budget. We understand that dentistry can be expensive – especially if you need multiple treatments – but we also encourage patients to see the overall benefits instead of simply the cost.

Addressing minor dental problems or even completely restoring your mouth can increase your quality of life and improve your overall health. To help you get the care you need and deserve, we carry both Springstone and CareCredit financing options.

Springstone is a financing program that provides short-term and long-term loans for general dentistry and orthodontics for up to $40,000. Springstone offers low fixed rates and allows you to repay loans for periods longer than six years.

CareCredit offers financing periods of 60 months and provides no-interest financing if you pay your loan amount with 24 months.

If you have questions about specific insurance coverage, call us today 305-290-2293 or schedule your first appointment with us using the online form.


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