I'm having a hard time chewing

Do you avoid certain foods because they have became far too difficult to chew? Has it been years since you’ve sunk your teeth into a juicy steak or a crunchy apple?

Our Miami dental office understands that failing or missing teeth can severely damage your oral and overall health, as well as decrease your quality of life. That’s why we have solutions to replace your missing teeth or stabilize your dentures.

Your natural teeth can fail as a result of traumatic injuries, poor oral hygiene, or rampant gum disease. The number one reason for tooth loss is gum disease. When an infection in your gums is left untreated, it attacks the jawbone and causes the tooth to pull from its socket. Loose teeth are extremely sensitive and often difficult to save.

Whatever the reason for your tooth loss, Greenstein Dental can provide safe and affordable dentistry to restore your smile and chewing ability.

the beauty of dentures

Our family dental office can design dentures for patients with a few missing teeth or patients who are missing entire arches of teeth. Our dentures are durable and restore your natural beauty by filling out your cheeks and maintaining the vertical height between your chin and nose. You’ll also be able to chew your food without sensitivity!

At Greenstein Dental, we perform a careful inspection of your mouth and facial features as well as jaw function prior to fabricating your new set of dentures. When you return for regular visits, we will occasionally reline the interior surface of dentures to assure a continual snug and comfortable fit.

Dr. Greenstein takes pride in crafting beautiful and functional dentures for patients struggling with missing teeth. Our office can design partial dentures or full dentures that do not obstruct your speech and give you optimal lip support.

extra support with dental implants

While dentures are aesthetic solutions, they do not equally match the chewing force of your natural teeth. To have your biting force return close to its original state, we recommend dental implants.

Dental implants naturally fuse to your jawbone and provide 90 percent of the chewing power you had with your natural teeth. Our dental implants are made from titanium and can support dentures and individual crowns. The first dental implants were placed in the 1960s, and now the technology is so advanced that is can be done with minimal, if any, discomfort to the patient.

Dental implants have become so overwhelmingly popular because of their strength and ability to preserve your jawbone. When you lose your teeth, you r jawbone begins to recede and your nose and chin actually grow closer together. By placing dental implants, we can preserve your jawbone and simultaneously preserve your youthful appearance.

In some cases, bone grafting or gum grafting is required to ensure the dental implant can provide maximum support. If cared for properly, dental implants can last a lifetime!

If patients are not candidates for dental implants, we recommend using a dental bridge. A bridge simply fills the gap created by missing teeth. We can craft a bridge with three or more dental crowns that is natural-looking and will bring back your biting power.

To place a bridge, we prepare the adjacent teeth that will support the device. Once the teeth are prepared, we then place a permanent restoration that will restore your smile for years to come. The biggest downfall of a bridge is that we have to place crowns over the supporting teeth, even if the teeth are healthy and free of cavities.

Dr. Greenstein carefully evaluates each patient before recommending oral surgery. Our office also checks in with patients following their procedure to make sure their recovery is on target.

If you have problems chewing your food or you have distracting gaps in your smile, call us today at 305-290-2293 or use our contact page above to schedule your first appointment!

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