Hello and welcome to another July edition of the Greenstein Dental blog!

We hope your summer is off to a great start! Our Miami-based team is here to keep you smiling through the season and to help you meet your family’s ever-evolving oral health needs throughout the year.

But we can’t do you much good, if you never come to see us! If it has been far too long since you last darkened the doors of our office on South Dixie Highway, we’d like to know why. Because if you are avoiding the dentist’s office out of fear, anxiety or some related reason, odds are we can help you work through your issues and get you back on track ASAP!

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide!

Dental anxiety is a serious condition that often takes hold for legitimate reasons. Some folks tell us that they have had bad experiences with dentists in the past, while others simply don’t like the idea of getting shots or the ominous sound of drills.

In the short run, there is some good news for you.

By avoiding the dentist, and neglecting your oral health needs, you don’t have to relive any disturbing memories or confront the reality of whatever issues are currently unfolding in your mouth.

The bad news is that these issues always catch up with you before too long.

When the reckoning comes, you are usually in a much worse predicament than you would have been if you had just worked through your fears and let our compassionate team at Greenstein Dental keep you on the good road.

Avoiding The Dentist Always Ends Badly

Obviously, it is good for business when patients actually come in every 3-6 months. But that is not why it is so important to us. We actually expect you to adhere to this routine because it is good for YOU!

Consider this: by not going to the dentist twice a year, you won’t be receiving the professional cleanings that effectively keep plaque and tartar from creating unhealthy situations.

You also will never be made aware of any cavities or gum disease that can be easily filled or fixed early on before root canals and extractions become a reality. Beyond that, you won’t be getting looked over for oral cancer and other potentially serious problems if you remain in hiding.

Letting fear of the dentist get in the way of your health will not end well for you. But we can make it easy for you to get the care you deserve.

We Can Help!

We have found that oral conscious sedation changes the way we can treat our patients.
Not only does it alleviate any anxiety, it also gives you the ability to receive multiple procedures during the same visit, and knocks out any pain that might have been associated with your dental work.

Sedation At Greenstein Dental

We prescribe oral conscious sedation in pill-form and simply ask that patients have a friend or family member drive them to our office on the day of their procedure.

Once your procedure begins, you’ll be in a state of total relaxation and you will have forgotten why you were ever afraid in the first place.

Take Back Your Smile!

If you suffer from dental anxiety and need a gentle dentist in the Miami, FL area who can address your needs, call us today at 305-290-2293 or contact us online to schedule an appointment with sedation dentistry!