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TMJ Treatment

Dr. Greenstein employs gneuromuscular techniques to determine the most appropriate position of your teeth, muscles and joints. He uses a fixed or removable orthotic appliance to help guide the jaw into a natural relaxed position. Dr. Greenstein handcrafts each of his own orthotic devices after using both the J5 Myomonitor TENS unit and K7 instrumentation to study a patient’s jaw and find the optimal position for their muscles, joints and teeth.

The orthotic device – which realigns the jaw and improves muscle function – eliminates several TMJ-related issues:

  • TMJ pain
  • Jaw clicking or popping
  • Ringing in the ears (Tinnitus)
  • Stuffiness in the ears or difficulty with loud noise
  • Migraine or tension headaches
  • Muscle soreness or stiffness in face, neck or shoulders
  • Pain in temple or base of skull
  • Pain or pressure behind your eyes
  • Numbness of fingers

Dr. Greenstein usually recommends orthodontic treatment or restorative dentistry following orthotic therapy. Essentially, the orthotic retrains your jaw and gives the correct biting scheme. When the bite and jaw are working together, the stress on your TMJ is relieved.

Meet the Doctors

Dr. Bruce Greenstein

If somebody walks in fearful, and I can just rap with them; find out why they are here and what’s on their mind, what’s going on and get into a conversation with them, they start telling me things that allow me to use the years of experience, the years of continuing education and focus my approach and tailor it to what it is they came here looking for. No matter how scared or fearful they were, they finally took the moment to pick up the phone, make the call and do something that isn’t the first thing on anybody’s list. To take that choice of theirs and create an experience for them where they are proud of a dental office they went to, they are even more proud of the way they feel when they leave, I mean that is giving back at its ultimate. You know one of the first patients I ever treated, came to me and was scared out of his wits and he didn’t want to smile. When I asked him why he was here, he said “I’m going to show you in a moment but don’t laugh at me and don’t make any snide remarks”. I said “no problem”. He smiled and there were no upper teeth showing and he had them, all roots. At that point, implants were still in their infancy and that wasn’t an option and he wanted to save his teeth. The guy is still my patient 25 years later. We had restored him at the time and gave him a smile, he still had all of his teeth. He wound up walking in with his business card, his new business card, at a point where I had never seen people put their picture on a business card and the guy had a smile from ear to ear and wound up leading to a bigger opportunity in his company. You ask “what’s the greatest part of your job”, having somebody walk out with a smile like that where they can chew and feel like a million bucks, you can’t beat it.

Caring, well-informed, and passionate about helping patients improve both their dental and overall health, Dr. Greenstein focuses on vitally important issues related to dentistry including the effects of snoring, sleep apnea, tongue posture, acid reflux, nutrition, pH balance, migraine headaches and cervical posture on your overall health.

Dr. Greenstein grew up in a dental office working alongside his father, also a dentist, for nine years before starting his own practice.

As a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Greenstein has provided general dental, orthodontic, and health-related services in Miami since 1988. From braces to Invisalign, same-day crowns to tooth-colored fillings, TMJ/bite issues to wisdom teeth removal, Dr. Greenstein can help you overcome your dental problems.

I grew up in a family of dentistry. My father was a practitioner and one of the first jobs I ever had was a summer job helping out around the office; developing x-rays, meeting and greeting patients. Growing up around it and seeing that there was a way to enhance somebody’s smile, get them feeling a lot better about themselves, relating to them, it was a fantastic opportunity to make a living, enjoy what I was doing and give back to somebody and have them feel a lot better about themselves. When I started dentistry, I had a golden opportunity. My sister was the hygienist in the practice, it truly was a family dental group and when I came in, as nervous as anyone might be when they first start treating patients and promising all the patients that I had done this many many times before, hoping they would believe me. I had an opportunity in a very successful practice, a growing practice, to treat patients of all kinds. My father was certainly capable of seeing many of them but you know, as it was growing, as many dental offices need, they need an associate, they need someone to come in and help so I had the chance to do any kind of dentistry I pleased and took advantage of those opportunities over those first few years. I had an opportunity after close to a decade of working with my father to go out on my own as he was ready to retire and the style of the practice was a bit different with a heavy focus on wanting to go into orthodontics, wanting to go into Temporomandibular Joint therapy, doing some things also in a different area of town. The practice Greenstein Dental is a completely different entity. Without the experience and lessons my father was able to share with me, whether it was about how to deliver the dentistry, how to talk to patients chairside, how to keep their interests ahead of your own, that was invaluable. Now I am able to deliver it in a location that I am more comfortable with, certainly a little closer to home and it has been great ever since.

Along with his recent Fellowship in TMJ, Gneuromuscular Dentistry and Craniomandibular Disorders, Dr. Greenstein has received certificates from Occlusion Connections, Orthodontic Studies, United States Dental Institute, Las Vegas Institute and the Pankey Institute. He is a former member of the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and assisted in dental identifications alongside the Chief Forensic Odontologist at the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner’s Office.

Continuing to learn about dentistry was really critical. I recall my father telling me “look son, you have a golden opportunity here” which I understood but he said “take five years, you are going to have to treat patients, you are going to have to meet patients, you are going to have to understand what dentistry is all about. You need the experience of doing some fantastic work, you need the experience of perhaps doing some work that you will see maybe it won’t hold up as well as you had hoped but there is learning from that”. I took that in stride, took a few courses but over the years it was imperative to learn from as many masters in the profession as I could and all the big names that so many doctors know and I have criss-crossed not only the state but the country and I’ve even been to an international meeting in the past. Education has been in all areas from orthodontics; which I pursued heavily, temporomandibular joint therapy; how to help relieve patients with headaches, there has been crown and bridges, resins were on the rise. When I graduated school it was mercury silver fillings and I haven’t done that since probably the early to mid 90’s and the evolution of tooth colored materials in the mouth, you are forced to take these continuing education courses so one of my taglines I guess in a business group that I belong to is Better Dentistry Through Education and I firmly believe that. It is better for me, it is better for everyone that I treat.

Dr. Greenstein has been an active member in Business Network International (BNI Miami-Dade) where he was known as the “Toothsleuth” helping deliver better dentistry through education. He also stays pretty busy with four great kids: Adin, Sage, Lindsey, and Ellis – his finest achievements!

Dr. Alexandra Castillo

I do belong to a Spear Study Club and I think it is so important that we stay on top of education and your courses and stay on top of dentistry because today’s dentistry is changing and evolving as we speak. And so the Spear Study Club is one of my out of the office hobbies, the other is Miami Dade Dental Society. I am very involved with organized dentistry. I strongly believe in it and as a whole we need a voice and that is what organized dentistry is all about. Miami Dade Dental Society is a smaller group that belongs to the South Florida District Dental Association which belongs to the Florida Dental Association which in turn belongs to the American Dental Association. They call it tripartite membership because it is ADA, FDA, South Florida District. Miami Dade is very local, the executive board meets twice a month; just the executive board, and then with our general membership we meet in Coral Gables and we have fun, we have great dinners and great lectures whether they are local or they fly in to talk about topics as diverse as office management, lasers in dentistry, orthodontics, perio, cosmetics, you name it because they come in and really enrich us with all of their experiences.

Dr. Alexandra Castillo joined Greenstein Dental in 2013. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Dr. Castillo moved to Miami in 1995 and grew up in the Kendall area. With a Bachelors of Science in Psychobiology & Neuroscience from the University of Miami as well as a Doctor of Medical Dentistry from Nova Southeastern University, she brings an incredible passion and commitment to your dental health.

She has served as President of the American Student Dental Association receiving Awards for Excellence in service and leadership to the profession.

Dentistry is a true mix of people, art, science and every day that goes by, it is more and more art. I feel like every time I work on a patient, I zoom in and it is my destressor, my way out, my art in life. I actually wanted to be an architect when I was probably 10 years old and when I switched my mind, people were like wow, what happened there, completely unrelated and I said “you know there is a relationship because your teeth are like little structures in your mouth and we are worried about building them up, constructing and deconstructing so when I switched to dentistry, I was seeking more of that, you know when you are in architecture, you are sketching, you are drawing, you are lonely, you are on your own and when you are in dentistry, you are with people all the time and that’s what I needed. I needed to have something that I love, the passion. It is a great field and you are constantly around your patients and they are constantly grateful for what you are doing and that is the most rewarding.

Dr. Castillo remains active in these roles as a member of multiple organizations including the Academy of General Dentistry, American Dental Association, and local dental societies. In 2011, she led a dental team on a mission trip to provide services in Jamaica.

Married to her childhood sweetheart, Dr. Castillo enjoys Crossfit, hanging with her German Shepherd, Randy, and we’ve discovered that she LOVES singing along to the office iPod! She’s also a fantastic mother to twin children, Aria and Ezra.

I went to the University of Miami for undergrad. I was a neuroscience/psychology/biology major. No one really understands that but it doesn’t matter anyway. Then I went to Nova for dental school. Ever since graduating, I have taken several CE courses. I am very involved with the Miami Dade Dental Society; this year I serve as Vice President and that is CE or continuing education courses every month. I’m also involved with the Spear Study Club which is also continuing education. The topics vary and they can go from cosmetics to my very first continuing education course which was Invisalign. Since there, I try to take courses in surgical procedures and cosmetic procedures, you name it. If it is mildly interesting, if it deals with implants, if it deals with cutting edge technology, if it deals with today’s and tomorrow’s dentistry, I will be taking that. It is non-stop.


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