OC FELLOWSHIP Recognition of DR. BRUCE GREENSTEIN, Pinecrest, Florida

I am proud to announce that Bruce Greenstein has successfully completed the OC Fellowship Process.  CONGRATULATIONS for this achievement!  You are the first!

Your dedicated effort and hard work successfully gathering the necessary documented records and data as part of the requirements certainly have proven to us that you have not only grasped the GNM OC concepts well, but have also proven your clinical abilities, skills and expertise in Phase 1 orthotic stabilization GNM style.

OC Fellow is a distinction award granted to qualified clinicians who have completed OC’s comprehensive written examination along with 4 documented case studies displaying their advanced understanding and clinical abilities to receive this achievement award.  The OC Fellowship Program allows doctors to earn this unique and prized Fellowship among an elite group of peers. Once the OC Fellow status has been achieved, doctors are eligible to display the OC Fellow logo and designation “OCF”.

Fellowship Requirements:

1.      Competency Verification: A written examination – PASSED

2.      Clinical Proficiency Verification: Case documentation of four (4) Phase I cases involve cervical dysfunction, TMD primary, Class II Div. 2 and anterior open bite tendency problems related to restorative, implants, prosthetics and or natural dentition within the past 24 months –PASSED

3.      Documented cases each display proficiency in diagnosis of the craniomandibular problem, an overall treatment plan and validation of treatment effectiveness in phase I stabilization process using written monitoring systems and photographic documentation validating clinical effectiveness. – PASSED


  1. Case 1 – Patient MM, age 45, TMJ Primary, started 7/29/15. Stabilized 1/25/17.
  2. Case 2 – Patient MA, age 48, Cervical Dysfunction, TMJ Primary, started 8/6/16.  Stabilized 8/6/16.
  3. Case 3 – Patient ZS, age 41, Cervical Dysfunction, TMJ Primary, Anterior Open Bite, started 1/21/16. Stabilized 3/3/17.
  4. Case 4 – Patient LH, age 35, Cervical Dysfunction, TMJ Primary, started 8/31/15. Stabilized 1/17/17.

A Fellowship plaque and key will be designed for those candidates who fulfill the Fellowship and will be presented at the next OC Summit meeting 2018. Fellowships are not conferred in abstentia.

Once again, Bruce G. CONGRATULATIONS for a job well done!


Clayton A. Chan, D.D.S.




Las Vegas, NV

(702) 271-2950