PINECREST, FL – Dr. Bruce Greenstein, a leading Pinecrest TMJ therapy provider, is offering a summer special on his custom performance mouthguards during August and September.

Dr. Greenstein’s athletic mouthguards protect the teeth and also carefully move the lower jaw into a more appropriate position to increase performance and improve posture. These performance enhancing athletic mouthguards are designed to improve strength, agility and speed during any physical activity.

Dr. Greenstein, owner of Greenstein Dental, can fashion mouthguards for high school, college or professional athletes or even adults involved in contact and noncontact sports.

“Giving people an edge while simultaneously helping to protect one of their most important features – their teeth – is exciting and rewarding,” Dr. Greenstein said. “People can immediately feel the difference in just a few quick exercises, finding they can stretch farther than before or perform certain exercises with greater strength.”

Dr. Greenstein said he is eager to meet with high school athletes and adults involved in exercise programs like CrossFit. The mouthguards can bring high school athletes’ performance to the next level, opening up new opportunities down the road like college scholarships, Dr. Greenstein added.

“These guards not only can assist in preventing tooth damage or loss during sports activities, but ongoing research shows that these mouthguards improve performance as well as reduce the possibility for a concussion,” Greenstein said. “These are all tremendous benefits for athletes of all ages as well as weekend warriors.”

Dr. Greenstein has practiced dentistry in Miami since 1988. His philosophy is “better dentistry through education.” He first practiced alongside his father for nine years and then started his own dental practice, Greenstein Dental, 11921 South Dixie Highway, Suite 206. Dr. Greenstein offers general and cosmetic dentistry, traditional orthodontics, Invisalign, wisdom tooth removal, dental implants, same-day CEREC crowns and is a leading Miami TMJ dentist.
With the aid of gneuromuscular dentistry practices and state-of-the-art technology, Dr. Greenstein uses a multi-step treatment process to solve patients’ TMJ symptoms and bite issues. As part of his TMJ treatment and migraine relief, Dr. Greenstein studies the relationship of the jaw and the bite, crafts a special orthotic mouthpiece that better positions the jaw muscles and then uses orthodontics to correct the bite.

Greenstein Dental offers the latest technology, including digital X-rays; intraoral cameras; CEREC technology to create same-day dental crowns; and special J5 Myomonitor TENS unit and K7 instrumentation to diagnose and treat TMJ issues.

Dr. Greenstein is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Dentistry and has undergone countless hours in continuing education. He has studied at The Dawson Academy, The Pankey Institute, Kois Center, United States Dental Institute, Occlusion Connections, Orthodontic Studies and the Las Vegas Institute.

Dr. Greenstein has worked with the Chief Forensic Odontologist at the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner’s Office and has held memberships with the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and American Dental Association.

Those looking for Miami TMJ relief can call the office at 305-290-2293.