Custom-fit Mouthguards

Did you know using a mouthguard can increase your performance in sports – or even resolve your sleep apnea? Using gneuromuscular dentistry, Dr. Greenstein can craft mouthguards to help you on the field – and give you a good night’s rest.

Performance Mouthguards

Living near the ocean and in an active community, our Pinecrest dental office is dedicated to offering special performance mouthguards that can protect your teeth and increase your agility, speed, and overall range of motion on the field or in the gym.

Dr. Greenstein studies each patient’s bite and jaw and then provides a custom mouthpiece. Sports mouthguards are custom appliances designed specifically for the sport in which the athlete is engaged in. The interesting part is that our sports mouthguards can be used for much more than contact sports like football and ice hockey.

Basic mouthguards are designed to protect your teeth from damage – chipping, becoming loose or even getting knocked out. They can also prevent you from accidentally biting your tongue or lacerating your lip.

Performance mouthguards not only protect your teeth, but go above and beyond basics by enhancing an athlete’s agility, speed, and strength. Dr. Greenstein uses the J5 Myomonitor TENS unit and K7 instrumentation to study the patient’s jaw and bite. By determining an optimized gneuromuscular position for the lower jaw where muscles are relaxed and joints are balanced, athletes are able to respond to their body’s demands quickly and with greater potential to accomplish the task at hand.

Dr, Greenstein encourages high school athletes, professional athletes, and weekend warriors to see how a gneuromuscular mouthguard can improve their performance and endurance. Performance guards prevent you from clenching and are known to increase reaction time and airways levels.

Dr. Greenstein evaluates each patient’s bite and then has them complete an activity using the performance mouthguard. Our performance mouthguards have helped some of our patients who thought they were already in peak physical condition take their skills to the next level!

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Characterized by intermittent pauses in breathing and a reduction in oxygen saturation during the night, sleep apnea is a common disorder among adults.

The seriousness of chronic sleep-related disorders cannot be overemphasized as people find themselves at much higher risk for heart attack, stroke, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and colon cancer.

We diagnosis our patients using an overnight sleep test, where patients are monitored for movements and sleep quality.

Sleep apnea appliances are dental alternatives to conventional CPAP machines (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) and are to be used every night. Often times, people are simply unable or unwilling to be tethered to a breathing machine every night. Therefore, various styles of nighttime appliances are used to help maintain adequate breathing while you sleep.

Some of the major signs and symptoms of sleep apnea include:

  • chronic snoring
  • choking or gasping for air during sleep
  • long pauses in breathing
  • daytime sleepiness

We fabricate custom-fit, FDA-approved devices to treat mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea patients. These appliances assist in repositioning the lower jaw and tongue to a more forward position so that the airway widens and remains open while you sleep. A number of different sleep apnea appliances, including the TAP-3, Somnodent, Good-Air and Garcia Night appliance, are recommended based upon our findings and patient comfort.

If you’re looking for the appropriate sleep apnea appliance or dental mouth guard, call Greenstein Dental today at 305-290-2293 or fill out our online appointment form.

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