full mouth reconstruction

full mouth restoration

get your smile back

Have you found the right Miami dentist to handle your dental treatment, whether it’s preventive care or complex dental work? It’s possible that one day your dental needs will go far beyond regular cleanings and the occasional filling.

At Greenstein Dental, we offer full-mouth reconstruction that can transform your smile and get you back to eating the food you love. Our office is a leader in integrating technology and education in order to provide the most reliable and comprehensive services.

Dr. Greenstein has studied extensively in dental implants, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and bridge and crown placement, making him the ideal dentist to handle your complex dental treatments and full-mouth restorations.

Our office works to quickly and painlessly give you the treatment you need in a comfortable environment! We will never send you all around town to multiple specialists because we can complete your care under one roof using the latest technology and education.

Dental Implants Can Restore Chewing Force

Teeth can only be restored so many times before they need to be removed. If that happens, we need to provide solutions that will maintain your chewing ability so you can continue getting the nutrition you need. Dental implants are the closest thing to your natural teeth available in dentistry. We place dental implants to replace individual teeth or to provide extra support for partial dentures or full dentures. Dr. Greenstein can place dental implants with minimal discomfort. Shortly after your surgery, you’ll be chewing your food without hesitation!


Our all-ceramic crowns can restore your natural teeth or dental implants. Our crowns are made in house and can be placed the same day the tooth is prepared. For certain patients, we can even cement a crown over a dental implant the same day it is placed. Our crowns are durable and do not stain over time. To balance out your smile, you may consider teeth whitening treatments before your crowns are placed.


We use porcelain veneers to cover heavy stains, cracks, chips, and other flaws in teeth. Our veneers are thin layers of porcelain that are durable and long-lasting. While veneers are commonly seen as a cosmetic procedure, they can also strengthen a tooth. When the enamel wears down on your tooth, the tooth is substantially weakened and more susceptible to chips, cracks, or even breaks. By placing veneers over damaged teeth, we can preserve and strengthen the tooth for years to come.

Dr. Greenstein has trained for years to offer comprehensive dental care. If your teeth are failing or you need multiple fillings or crowns, know that Greenstein Dental can restore your mouth using comfortable and efficient techniques.

To learn more about our full mouth reconstruction procedure, call us today at 305-290-2293 or use our online form to schedule your first visit.

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