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Today we want to talk about the importance of preventive dentistry including regular exams, cleanings, and so forth. But we also want to reach out to anyone who has been away from the dentist for a while and invite YOU to come back.

In our office, we are kind and compassionate. We invest in tools and technology to make procedures more pleasant. There is sedation dentistry available too. Which is all to say that we are a gentle dentist’s office, and we would love to see your smiling face in one of our chairs.

Fear Of The Dentist Can Be Overcome

You don’t have to be embarrassed if you are afraid of the dentist. This is a very real condition that impacts the health of millions of Americans each year. It is often rooted in a bad experience earlier in life, although it can also be tied in with a more general fear of the unknown.

The thing to remember that it can be overcome, with the proper attention of a competent team. It is always in your best interest to try.

The other thing for you to keep in mind is that your oral health is far too important to trust to chance. You will need a dentist in your life to check up on you and in turn save you from real pain and expense further down the road. Remember, prevention and early detection are the key to maintaining a healthy, happy smile.

You can be sure that once you are entrusted to our care, we will do our part to deliver the quality care you deserve. But we won’t stop there. At Greenstein Dental you can always expect a comfortable environment, and a team that listens. Based on what you tell us, we can even set you up with sedation to help you relax while you are here.

Sedation Dentistry Can Save Your Health

Many folks just like you have learned to work through their fear and anxiety with the help of modern sedation dentistry techniques. In many instances, we prescribe oral conscious sedation in the form of a pill. You can bet that when it takes hold, it is a very strong sedative.

You will begin to relax in one of our cozy chairs, you’ll soon be in a happy place, and you will not have any ongoing feelings of fear or anxiety.

As such, we will be able to keep your mouth clean, attend to any emerging issues, and also boost the appearance of your smile on a regular basis. Sedation dentistry can be useful if you have jittery appendages, uncontrollable gag reflexes, and the like.

Plus, it is helpful whenever you are facing multiple procedures. With sedation you can get them all done at once and have little recollection of the experience. What you will remember will be pleasant and pain-free, which will allow you to form better memories moving forward.

Get Your Healthy Smile Back!

We hope that you have been inspired to take back the health of your smile!

Contact us today to get back on track with sedation dentistry!