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End Your TMJ Trouble With Orthodontics


It is estimated that over 10 million Americans are afflicted by issues related to their temporomandibular joint (TMJ), and most have no idea that a dentist, like Dr. Greenstein, can help them get some relief. In fact, our Miami office has dedicated quite a lot of time to finding innovative approaches to treatment in thisRead More ►

Preventive Dentistry With A Personal Touch


Welcome to the Greenstein Dental blog! We don’t like to toot our own horn, but sometimes it is important to spell out what sets us apart from the rest. Over the years, we have invested a lot of time and resources into boosting the oral health of our community, and we take a little differentRead More ►

Boost Your Smile This Summer With Cosmetic Dentistry


Hello and welcome to another June edition of our oral health blog! If you live in the Miami area, we’d love to see your smiling face in one of our chairs! Here at Greenstein Dental, we are dedicated to delivering comprehensive and convenient services aimed at changing your life for the better. Since summer isRead More ►

What To Do When TMJ Issues Become A Dental Emergency


Welcome back to the Greenstein Dental blog! We hope that your summer is off to a great start. Today we want to talk about one thing that can quickly ruin all your seasonal fun: untreated (and/or undiagnosed) TMJ-related issues. When your TMJ is out of whack, you will be subjected to headaches galore, not toRead More ►

Don’t Go To The Drugstore For Teeth Whitening


Welcome to the Grenstein Dental blog! We are glad that you found our online home. Our leader, Dr. Bruce Greenstein, is known in certain circles as the “Tooth-sleuth.” He makes it a big part of our mission to boost the oral health of our community through educational outreach. That’s what this platform is all about.Read More ►

Meet The TMJ Relief Team In Miami


Welcome to another edition of our oral health blog! Today, we wanted to talk about something that can be a real pain in the neck (and head, and jaw, and upper back): TMJ-related issues. These can disrupt your routine and really bring you down. The good news is that there are dental solutions for takingRead More ►

Is Invisalign For You? It’s Time To Find Out!


Hello and welcome to the Greenstein Dental blog! Hablas español? Well, so do we! That is just one of the things we do around here to make our diverse range of Miami-based patients more comfortable receiving the dental care they deserve. But we won’t just put you at ease, we’ll provide you with top-notch cutting-edgeRead More ►

Dental Veneers Save Smiles!


Welcome to another May edition of our oral health blog! If you happen to live in the Miami area, you really ought to pay us a visit in-person. We are something of a one-stop shop for dentistry services. Here at Greenstein Dental, our reputation for providing relief for TMJ-related issues is growing. But that’s notRead More ►

Oral Health Habits For Summer


Welcome back to the blog! With summer more or less here, there is live music all over town, folks are getting wet and wild at the beach, there are ball games, boating, cook-outs, and so much more to take up your time. But your friends here at Greenstein Dental just want to make sure youRead More ►