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Greenstein Dental office staff picture 2018

One of the biggest challenges and one of the greatest joys has been the opportunity to build an office, whether it’s from putting technology and equipment into an office and keeping it attractive to a patient, but even more so, to find a group of people that elevate how you feel from the moment you walk in the door. It was really, really important to find multiple individuals that could be in my practice for a number of years. I didn’t want a revolving door of talent coming through here because a patient, when they are comfortable, they are staying put. They don’t particularly care for change. I needed that type of experience. I needed employees. I needed hygienists. I needed assistants. I needed administrative folks that could work together as a team and could make patients feel like they are part of the team. The practice is a family dental practice. I have always had a great time around kids and we start with them as early as 2 or 3 years old. I’ve even seen some baby carriages going up and down the hallway when a mom can’t find somebody to look after the kids. And we treat, I say, from 3 to 103. If you are 104, you better look for somebody else, I don’t know.

  • Kelly Johnson – Dental Hygienist

    While growing up I was petrified of the dentist and I’m still a little bit afraid if I’m in the chair, I’m not the best patient so I can relate to that and my approach to all my patients, even if they are super nervous, is to just let them know how my experience was as a kid and that it’s going to be okay. They will see that it is going to be thorough, gentle and they will be educated about their individual situation and it will be easy. Patient’s leave, they come in fearful and not knowing but when they get out of my chair it’s like they can’t believe how gentle but thorough it was. I’m not only treating their oral health, they become like part of my extended family. You go through so much with your patients whether it is a birth or loss of a loved one and life. It is just that connection with the people that I love. It is important to me and I want to make them feel that this is a place where they can come, they are going to be able to deal with their oral health and know that we really care, not just about their mouth but their overall health and about them as people.

    Kelly has been providing oral health care in Miami as a dental hygienist for nearly 22 years. Originally from Indiana, she has lived in Miami for more than 30 years. Along with her husband, J.J., and three children – Taylor, Lauren, and Andrew – Kelly is active with local sports clubs, participates in elementary school reading programs, and volunteers her time with Strong Kids at the YMCA.

    Kelly graduated from the Miami Dade College Dental Hygiene Program in 1997. Her focus is not only the health of your teeth, gums, and bone, but she possesses a keen knowledge of the influences of both diet and habits on patients’ oral health and overall health. She has advanced education in non-surgical modalities for improving gum health, including periodontal chemotherapeutics, holistic dentistry, and the latest hygiene products.

  • Leda Pena – Dental Hygienist

    I have been a dental hygienist for 25 years and the difference that I notice with Dr. Greenstein is that he is not only running an office or a business and he’s not just another dentist, he really truly cares about his patients so that is why I am very happy to be part of Dr. Greenstein’s staff. Everybody, we all get along and we all try to work toward the same which is the best care for our patients. Everyone here cares about the well-being of each patient and that is our main goal.

    Leda is a graduate of the Miami Dade College Dental Hygiene Program and has been caring for patients for over 29 years. She has a bio-friendly approach to gum management and brings tremendous experience in the area of holistic dentistry.

    Leda has two boys, Andrew and Anthony, and enjoys spending time with family.

  • Monica Martinez – Office Manager

    I am the office manager and I have been the office manager here for probably about 11 years, a little over 10. I have been working for the doctor for a little over 12 years. I interact with patients at different levels which is one of the things I love about my job. The relationship you build with your patients, the rapport you build with them and the trust that they gain in us allowing us to continue to provide services for them, allowing us to keep their mouth and the rest of their body healthy; I like that. I also love the fact that we are a family practice so we get little guys at 3 years old and we get the parents and the grandparents which adds fun and mix and it’s not the same old monotonous crew. You know after many years in the field, you see how much you really get to help people; emotionally and mentally. If you change their smile, obviously it is a huge impact on their life, especially if it is something they have been ashamed of for many years and also you helped them with their fears. A lot of patients, it’s not their favorite place, but you work through it with them and you see them become individuals who just love to come in here and it’s like any other doctor’s office.

    Born in Malaga, Spain and of Cuban and Colombian descent, Monica has been the office manager at Greenstein Dental for more than 17 years. Before joining Greenstein Dental, Monica received training in Expanded Dental Functions from Robert Morgan Technical Institute and spent more than eight years working chairside as a dental assistant. Her main focus is to assist in coordinating dental treatment helping answer questions and facilitate both finances and scheduling for our clients.

    She graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree from Florida International University in 1998.

  • Humberto Espinosa – Orthodontic Consultant

    Humberto Espinosa on making patients comfortable

    Patients say most of the time “oh my gosh, I’ve never gone to a dental office where they really take care of me” because usually it is in and out or even worse, they have to wait in the waiting room for two hours in other offices. Here, it is about five minutes or less so they get real VIP treatment and the patients beginning with appointment one, they feel that. As soon as they walk in the office it is funny because from the time that they walk in, they don’t feel they are in a dental office. It starts with the smell, here it doesn’t smell like a dental office. You come here and it is a nice place and once they come, we are always smiling. For me, you know, as you can see, it is very hard to smile.

    Humberto comes from a family of dentists in Nicaragua and has worked at Greenstein Dental for more than 14 years.

    Humberto provides patients humor and sensitivity, and he assists in orthodontics, dental lab work, computer-assisted crown fabrication, radiologic analysis of digital films and just about everything in between!

    He received his dental degree at the Universidad Americana in Managua, Nicaragua in 1998 and then his orthodontic degree in Guadalajara, Mexico. He completed a General Practice residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital in 2003.

    Humberto is a member of multiple dental organizations including the American Dental Association, World Federation of Orthodontists, and the Mexican Academy of Orthodontists.

    He has traveled extensively with Dr. Greenstein attending various continuing education seminars including topics such as Craniomandibular & Craniocervical Physiology, TMJ symposia, K7 Instrumentation, CEREC CAD/CAM technology, Invisalign and the use of mini-implants for orthodontic movement of teeth.

    Humbertos enjoys spending time with his wife, Catalina, and two sons, Nicolas and Sebastian.