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All About Greenstein Dental

We’ve genuinely served the Miami and extended South Florida community for over 30 years! At Greenstein Dental, we’re proud to offer general dentistry as well as dental implantsTMJ treatment, airway/sleep appliances, athletic performance mouthguards and full orthodontic services.

We’re not your typical dental office. We have a comfortable family atmosphere and use education and technology to teach you about the connection between your oral health and overall health.

I have to go to the doctor also and if I have a 9:00 appointment, the appointment is at 9:00. If it is 9:05 or 9:10, I understand these things but if I have to spend 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour in the reception room or be brought into a critical treatment room and still sit there, why did you make a 9:00 appointment. I try to respect the same types of things for my patients and the key is to help time your procedures properly so that no one feels slighted, you can effectively do what you came in for or if you really can’t and you encounter something really challenging, there’s a way to get the patient stable, comfortable and live to fight another day. You can go to work, you can meet your next deadline, you can pick up the kids after school; I think it’s key and it’s one of the other opportunities that being in a practice of my own has afforded me.

Time is spent with every patient so that we can help you achieve the smile of your dreams and the health you deserve. Our new patient visit starts with 10-15 minutes of you and the doctor discussing your dental and medical history as well as your dental goals. The idea is to tailor our approach so that we can satisfy your desires while making you aware of whatever situations present that require attention – all in an effort to prevent costly, time-consuming fixes in the future.

Our state-of-the-art office includes the latest technology, including our new 3D cone beam unit to better evaluate patients for implants, orthodontics, TMJ therapy, airway issues or catch something early before any harm is done. Our dedicated team provides gentle care and attention while catering to Spanish-speaking patients.

Our main goal is having a patient that is aware of everything that is going on in their mouth. Whether it’s something that needs to get done, whether it be something that was done. We are very in tune with making sure that the patient is aware, whether it be through intra-oral photographs, you name it. I think that is key and it builds trust, it builds a great relationship between doctor and patient; there are no smoking mirrors. We communicate with the patient and having that open relationship, whether it’s from us to them or them to us, really allows us to strive for what is best for the patient and what the patient can and will cooperate with.

We’re a lecture-free, guilt-free office that will help you feel relaxed and comfortable in your care, no matter how long you’ve been away!

Dr. Bruce Greenstein is one of few dentists in Miami offering gneuromuscular dentistry to resolve TMJ issues like neck pain and headaches. This revolutionary approach to treating TMJ issues is completed in phases and often includes orthodontics. Our patients are simply amazed and relieved to have finally found a solution to their constant aches and pains!

If you’re looking for a comprehensive family dental office that can handle restorations and orthodontics, call us at 305-290-2293 or fill out our online form today.