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Our Miami dental office aims at giving our patients the best possible dental experience possible. We spend a significant part of your first visit learning your dental goals and then examining your teeth and oral cavity.

Our patients appreciate Dr. Greenstein’s personal attention and perfectionist attitude. Our friendly staff works to make you feel comfortable – just like you would at a family reunion!

Hear from some of our happy patients below If you’re looking for comprehensive dental care, call Dr. Greenstein’s office today at 305-290-2293 or schedule your first visit using our online form.

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  • I had big issues with headaches, neck pain, jaw pain (TMJ) for along time. Dr. Greenstein started me in mid October 2015 on a TMJ therapy. He started me with a mouth piece (appliance) by adjusting it to my needs. I have to say, at the beginning I had to get use to the appliance in my mouth and it did hurt for a few weeks. But, now February 2016, I feel great. I have to say 95% percent I AM PAIN FREE!
    -- Marcella A.

  • One thing I can tell you about Bruce is he is a junkie for education. I know that in my business we have to do continuing education as does he and we have talked about it before. He and I know that when it is time to renew our license, we have 10 times as many hours as we actually need but it’s not just about getting enough to keep your license, he wants to be educated about the newest techniques, what’s working better, what’s producing better results, is there new science I can learn, is there new technology I can learn. He goes and does the classes and he knows. When you ask him a question, there is an answer and he doesn’t rush you through it. It’s not, blah blah blah, that’s the 2.7 minutes I have allotted you, it is “hey, this is your mouth, your body, this is your health and I want you to understand this and I want you to feel comfortable with what I’m doing”. And that is when I came in. I came in and had a cleaning first and we discussed and talked and I thought and you know the cleaning went well, the exam went well and I was like, I know I need to do it, we all know we need to go to the dentist, there are many things we all know we need to do but we don’t want to but this takes a lot of the not wanting to out of it. When I walk in here, I’m happy to see everybody. Whether they are faking it or not, I feel like they are happy to see me and it’s how I feel. It makes you feel good to know you are dealing with people who are like working with friends as opposed to working with strangers. Everybody I know, I say “hey check this guy out, trust me. It’s not like no big sell, just check him out”. I really like this one so I think I’ll stay.
    -- Ronald Von Paulus

  • Before I started braces, my teeth were absolutely horrendous and these braces really helped straighten out my teeth. There are brackets on all of your teeth, like little metal things and your teeth just straighten out and it helps a lot. Whenever I’m sitting in the chair they will make it go slow so it won’t hurt. It doesn’t get boring, they will talk and have good conversations about sports or something I’m interested in so they don’t bore me. They are overwhelmingly nice and that is one of the things that makes Greenstein Dental a great place for people to come because they make you want to come more and more so they can fix your teeth and so you can see them again and have conversations with them because you get to know them very well and just coming to see them is one of the best parts about coming here.
    -- Ellis G.

  • Dr. Greenstein, I’ve been with him I want to say almost 10 years. I think he is a lot more innovative. He will try something. You probably can’t tell but I have implants, I’ve had braces, I have veneers as well. He will tell you straight up what you need and what you don’t need and he’s not actually looking for a dollar, he is looking to actually make sure you smile, he is a perfectionist, so he is looking for your smile to be perfect and if he doesn’t like something, he will do it again, he will be like “nah I don’t like it, come back”. So for somebody who cares about you that way, you can’t beat that. And then how often do you have a dentist that calls you at night to make sure you are okay from your procedure earlier in the day, you don’t get that. That is actually one of the highlights. I work in customer service and I was like “wow, I am really impressed by that”.
    -- Regla F.

  • I have not been gifted with great, movie-star teeth from birth and I had an injury when I was a kid playing football and it wasn’t handled properly but I was a boy and it was one of my lower teeth so it didn’t really affect me cosmetically. But as the years passed, it did started to bother me and it got infected because it wasn’t properly treated. We were living in South America at the time and I had bounced around from one dentist to another and never really happy with the service I had been given nor the results so finally, the initial tooth, I was with another dentist and he had recommended that I see a specialist because he was recommending that I have an implant and he recommended Dr. Greenstein at the time and he did a great job on it and then more and more as I got older, I’m notorious for grinding at night because of stress or genetics, I kept breaking more teeth as I got older and so I kept coming back to Dr. G. for repair and/or replacement and/or more crowns for those teeth. We ended up doing basically all of my teeth with crowns by Dr. Greenstein and he has been professional, his prices have been spot on for me the whole time and I believe that a smile is important as is your health so there is no reason for me to even look at anybody else.
    -- Richard A.

  • I have been going to a dentist and I’m really not a big fan of the dentist. He actually was the one who put me back on track when I came to him like 10 years ago. My mouth was really awful. I had to take care of a lot of things because I was denying going to the dentist because I was super scared. He put me back on track. He is so smooth when he is working; you don’t feel anything, I really don’t feel anything. Now I’m not changing, I’m staying here. We all come in here, my entire family, my kids, my husband and I. We love it here. They are really nice and treat you really well and you are always welcome to come with a smile and I really appreciate that.
    -- Pascale O.

  • The staff here is incredible. I have been coming to Dr. Greenstein since I was 12 years old, so many moons ago. Charlene, Monica, everyone, Dr. G., Humberto, everyone makes you feel comfortable, as well as my daughter who also attends, she is 7 years old. So, It’s just a home environment, you are not nervous, you aren’t worried about anything because they make you feel right at home which definitely gives you an A to Z on the aspect of what it entails, whatever work he is doing for you. I have had whitening done, I’ve had crowns, I’ve had root canals, I’ve had braces and now my daughter is getting braces. So he explains, even if you don’t understand all the technical, he just goes and explains to you and makes you feel like you are right there and you know what is going on, you are comfortable about everything. The education that he provides in his products or his services is exceptional.
    -- Nilka G.

  • I like coming here because the people here are very friendly. They make me feel not as nervous to come to the dentist. My daughter comes here and she is real comfortable coming here because like I said, the people are friendly and they make her feel comfortable and that makes me feel comfortable. One of the things that I’ve done is the Invisalign because my teeth were a little bit crooked so they helped bring my smile back. When I was a teenager I did have braces and then over the years my teeth, I guess with age your teeth grow crooked or whatever. Invisalign has helped them straighten back out again.
    -- Monica L.

  • Dr. Greenstein is the first dentist I have been to that is both pleasant, professional and exact. He is so detail oriented and at the same time he is very gentle. He is very understanding of the patient’s feelings toward the dentist. When I first came to see Dr. Greenstein, I had explained to him about previous experiences with other dentists and they weren’t very pleasant and he was very understanding. His first reaction and his first assurance was that we were going to take things slowly, he was going to make sure there was no pain involved and we would work together step by step. Dr. Greenstein was thorough, honest and oddly enough, it didn’t hurt.
    -- Millie B.

  • I know I only look 50 but next month I will be 79 and I have been having a lot of trouble with my bite and I thought I needed a root canal because my tooth was hurting and I came in to my son and he said “no, no, let’s do something else, and this is really cutting edge”. Basically you change the position of your jaw. If your jaw is too far, what we call retruded, which is way back, it causes pressure and you think you have a toothache and pain. If a patient has pain in the temporomandibular joint, that is where the lower jaw or mandible hooks up with the skull or maxilla and if you are biting (people don’t realize when they bite, just think of a nutcracker, where do you put the nut, you put it right in the center of the nutcracker) so when you bite down with 75 pounds of pressure with the incisors in the back it could be 500 pounds so when you are biting down, just figure if you are lifting up 10 pounds or 100 pounds your arm is going to hurt after a while and when you chew with 500 pounds of pressure, you put tremendous pressure over the years on the muscles, ligaments, joint, everything, and after a number of years, if your bite is not correct and most people’s are not, then he puts in what is called an orthotic. The pressure is all off these muscles which were killing me, my teeth were hurting me. I’ve had this in maybe 3 months or so and nothing hurts anymore and I chew correctly. So neurologically the nerves are also damaged when you are chewing with 500 pounds of pressure over the years. You put this in, change the position of the bite and then you reconstruct everything and you are biting differently.
    -- Mel G.

  • He is very good, he is very gentle and if you are nervous or stressed, he actually is very jovial and will try to calm you down. They are very descriptive on the ways that I need to take care of my teeth and they show me all the different ways to go around my braces and brush my teeth. They are all very helpful and they are always very nice and friendly here.
    -- Lauren J.

  • I’ve been a patient of Dr. Greenstein’s since my senior year in high school, so 2008 so it has been a while. We first met, I actually got bonding in my two front teeth after biting into a bagel and it broke. I had an appointment for a cleaning but I had an emergency so I called him up and ever since then, they have been pretty good, I like it here. I’ve been to about 3 or 4 different dentists and this is the longest I’ve stayed with a dentist. He actually, last week ended up fixing the work that he did, just to polish it up and he was even impressed with the work that he did at the end of the day. So I mean when a doctor looks at you and he is impressed, it makes you feel good because you know that he did a good job. The staff is awesome and what I like is that when you come in it is always the same faces so that is always a plus. The staff stays here a while so they get accustomed with the customers or patients and it is just a fun environment, very welcoming.
    -- Joshua K.

  • Having a nice set of healthy teeth is important when you like to eat. Do I need to say anything more than that? A smile is important but nutrition is good and when you don’t have good teeth, you can’t eat properly. And it has helped me keep a good attitude. I can smile, I mean my teeth aren’t perfect but I don’t have any pain, they don’t hurt and I don’t have any trouble eating steak. They have all the newest techniques. I just recently had a filling break the quarter so it couldn’t be filled again and it happened to be in a position where I had a tooth extracted years ago when I was a young man, before, when I was a kid. They came in with that new Cerec Machine that looks like an incubator and they made me a cap and a half and they filled that void so now the tooth won’t collapse and I thought that was pretty neat and I was here for one visit and they had it done and I walked out with a brand new tooth. I am very impressed with their up-to-date training and skill level and they are all very nice.
    -- John M.

  • The difference between Bruce and other dentists, because I’ve gone to many dentists before throughout my life, is more holistic. Bruce takes a look at the entire picture of everything in your mouth, your skeletal structure, the whole thing, the muscular structure and it is really neat so the first time he was telling me about this stuff I’m thinking ‘you know maybe it sounds cool and everything else but you know, he was right on target’. He started talking about different things. He created a (and I forget what it’s called), he created an appliance for me and he was explaining it to me and he spent an inordinate amount of time getting this thing created. I mean he is a perfectionist. So anyway I used the appliance like he told me to and sure enough, any pains that were in my neck disappeared and now, here I am 55 years old and I’m wearing braces so it is kind of interesting and it’s good because I see my smile is getting bigger also because of the braces. I didn’t think I needed braces because I had straight teeth my entire life but he said “your smile is going to broaden with the braces, your teeth are going to come down your jaw gets out of alignment“. He is an educator, unlike most dentists, he teaches.
    -- Jim S.

  • I’ve been coming to see Dr. Greenstein for about four years now. What kept me coming back is just the customer service that I receive here. I think it is top class. The hygienist who cleaned me the first time, it was like pain free and that was something that really registered with me as like I got a real deep cleaning but there were no pains, no aches, no aftermath. I don’t know if you have ever had a cleaning where they started scraping and digging and your mouth is sore or hurts after, that was not the case and it was very impressive. Then Dr. Bruce, just his overall approach to dentistry, the comprehensive approach in terms of the mind, the body, the health and more important, just your teeth and that kind of resonated with me and made me feel a little bit more comfortable as to the approach that we are going to take into correcting my teeth or my mouth. It’s not like when you go to a dentist and they are like we are going to do this and it’s like ten thousand dollars and you have no idea why they are doing it. I like Dr. Bruce, he explains things and he breaks it down to you, step 1, step 2, so if it is a ten thousand dollar cost, you can break it down into different parts that you might want to approach.
    -- Jerome B.

  • Katherine Nixon: My relationship with Dr. Greenstein has been going on for several years and I don’t know if he remember this but he actually was the one who taught me how to properly floss and that meant a lot to me because he is a dentist who pays attention to detail, he is very precise, he is very caring and he cares about the whole patient, not just what’s going on in your mouth. I will never forget, I had this self image problem, not per say a problem but I just didn’t like my smile and over the years he has given me many options to change it and as you can see, he finally convinced me to get braces, I’m in my 40’s now so it’s just an ongoing thing. It is never a finished product because he keeps current with what is going on with dentistry. He is very innovative and I just like him as a professional. Harvey Reed: Me personally, I had a lot of bad experiences with dentists and my wife started me to come see Dr. Greenstein and it has been beneficial to me because I have a lot of work to be done in my mouth and it just nice to know that you know somebody that does care. The ladies here, and the men, they really look out for you and they make sure everything is okay, you know if you have any hurts or pains you can always call and let someone know. In fact, they made sure I had all my medications and everything for us to go on a cruise and they made sure I had extra medicine. It has been a wonderful ride as far as me trying to get everything right.
    -- Harvey R. & Katherine N.

  • I had very bad experiences all my life. I live up in Hollywood in Broward County and I come an hour and 15 minutes to come down here to see Dr. Greenstein. My daughter and the family come here and when I said “that’s it, I’m not going to any dentists any more”, my daughter begged me to try Dr. Greenstein. I came in to see him, went through hysteria and crying for an hour and he convinced me that he could help me and that’s how my journey began with Dr. Greenstein. I had a very bad mouth and we had discussions, because of my age, what would be the best way and he explained all of this with patience and caring and it has always been like that for me. I really feel that he has compassion for every patient that comes in. I have never experienced pain like I did in all the years that I went to other dentists. If I raise my hand, he stops, he asks what is wrong, I tell him I’m still feeling pain and he will give me more medication but never makes me feel like I’m asking for more than what his service will provide.
    -- Gail P.

  • I’ve been coming to this office since 2002 or 2003 so 12 or 13 years. My first impression was that everything was clean and organized, the staff was friendly. As a dentist, in Spanish we say “he has good hands” so I’m comfortable with his work and direction. I’ve had dental work done and my two daughters see him as a dentist but also as an Orthodontist. A reliable dentist for myself and my daughters is even better than a doctor I would say because I’ve had different doctors in the past 12 or 13 years and he has been the one dentist for me and my daughters. If there is a need, I can get an appointment right away. I make appointments for myself throughout the year for dental cleanings, my daughters as well. The orthodontic appointments are convenient, they come after school so they don’t miss school or I miss work. They give us reminders by text and it works out.
    -- Edith S.

  • I suffer from a condition called TMJ where I have this clicking or popping in my jaw and I guess we started the process maybe three or four years ago where they created an orthotic bite plate that actually helped me tremendously and that was a temporary measure so for long term we decided it was time to start with a process of braces and realigning my bite and I opted for Invisalign, which I’m wearing at the moment on my uppers and so far so good. I’ve been through this process now for a year and a half and from the very beginning, he has been extremely informative. He has shown me videos of exactly how my smile is going to change from its original condition to what would be hopeful optimum once we are done and I have been very pleased with the whole process and I look forward to the end result once we are done.
    -- Dori M.

  • I like coming here because they let me come in the office and help them sometimes and everytime he sees something in my teeth he cleans them and when I needed braces, he told me and he didn’t hurt me and all they had to do was put goo on and put cotton right here and then they stick them on and they are done. Whenever they finish cleaning my teeth, the kids get to go into the treasure box. They clean my teeth really good and they never mess up and they don’t hurt me.
    -- Coral L.

  • Bruce Greenstein, he is the best dentist, and not only is he a good dentist, the staff, the staff is excellent. Whenever you need them, if it is an emergency or if you need relaxation because you feel nervous about anything getting done to you, they actually explain to you the procedures, the steps, everything is going to get taken care of before you even get there so you feel relaxed. I’ve had three root canals due to my bite and that is one of the great things he has taught me through all the years. He is trying to get me on the right path with braces now. He is going to try to work on that but through the years, I thought it would just get better but I’m seeing that it hasn’t, it’s just getting worse and worse. He is a good guy. He will make you feel comfortable, very relaxed where you are not nervous so he is very professional.
    -- Caridad R.

  • Tricia Kong: You know how they say it takes a village to raise a child, well it is the same thing with a dental office because less than a month ago, Aiden broke one of his teeth eating popcorn at school so it was like an emergency visit. My husband was at home and he brought him here and I didn’t even ask what tooth or anything because I was picturing the worst; a front tooth and he was in and out in an hour. Aiden: They just put numbing gel near the tooth and pulled it out and it didn’t even hurt at all. Tricia: Yeah he came home and was eating dinner and I was worried that he wouldn’t be able to eat dinner but he was fine. The family dentist, the atmosphere, being close to our house, all pluses. Dr. Greenstein can’t do it by himself, it is his whole staff that makes the office great.
    -- Tricia & Aiden K.

  • I’ve known Dr. Greenstein for a while but I have never really needed his services and in December I woke with some pain on the right side of my face. I realized it had to have something to do with my teeth so I called Dr. Greenstein and they had no appointments but when I told them I was in pain, they found a way to fit me in. I expected that because they fit me in I would have to wait a long time and they would kind of treat me on the side but when I walked in, I was taken care of as if I was the only patient in the office. They took the most extensive set of photographs and x-rays that I have ever had taken of my mouth. Dr. Greenstein sat down with me and reviewed everything that they took and explained to me that I had, because of all the years I have had work done on my mouth, I had several fillings that were not in good shape and I had several teeth that had hairline fractures and I still couldn’t tell where the pain was coming from. He tested me and he couldn’t tell exactly where the pain was coming from so he took a lot of time, time that I know he didn’t have, and decided that we would have to start treating triage, the worst part first and work on back. The first thing he did was clean up some of the old fillings and search underneath to see if there were any more cavities, there weren’t but he replaced the fillings with proper fillings. I still had pain and he was able to narrow it down to one of the hairline fractures. Eventually that tooth had to be removed and that final part of the work was done on a day off when they were supposed to be closed. There was no one here but Dr. Greenstein and myself. So he took ownership of my pain, he took ownership of my suffering and gave me the kind of service that no dentist had ever given me before.
    -- Sal C.

  • I like having Invisalign because you can’t really see it in pictures and stuff like that and the braces are really more noticeable. I have a lot of friends with braces and I can take it out when I eat and brush my teeth but other than that, I’m wearing it 24/7 basically. I come in once a month and I get new trays, I get two new trays every month and it is really comfortable. I like it a lot.
    -- Sara K.

  • Arlene Negron: We are actually transplants from New York so in coming to Miami to live, there were a lot of this we had to restart and the medical stuff was one of them and once we found the leaflet, we had already gone through two or three different offices that were not appealing at all. One of the main reasons is because I have a son who is Autistic and at the time, was very hypersensitive to pain and that was a factor in choosing a dentist that would be mindful of that and handle it appropriately. So the first time we came, we explained everything and Doc and Huberto, his assistant, were very careful with Greyson, they were very caring, they spoke to him like his opinion mattered. They made him feel like he was important and for that reason, after the first visit, we were like okay, this I think is going to work. Dr. Greenstein is very, very detailed, he is very explanatory. He doesn’t require for you do anything simply because he said you should. However, he makes it a point to let you know when it is medically in your best interest. He gives you facts, he gives you things to research so that you are aware of what he is doing and it’s not just about doing work for the pay at the end of the period, it’s for your benefit and that’s what has been the most important. Sofia Negron: I have like a phobia for needles. When I was much younger they had to have three doctors hold me down just to put in a needle (ask her, it’s true). When Dr. Greenstein was helping, he had this way of saying okay I’m going to put in the needle and for some reason I didn’t freak out of anything. I just let him put a needle in my mouth which is probably the scariest place to put it so yeah, I actually trust him a lot and she gave me that look after saying “if you can put a needle in your mouth, you better not be fussing about anything else”.
    -- Arlene & Sofia N.